As I said, one weekend is pretty short... You can do most of the tourist attractions, but to get the flair, you'd have to stay longer. Missed the Catacombs and the inside of Notre Dame and the Louvre do to way to long lines to stand in for a three day trip, but most important landmarks I saw. And 90 minute waiting be… »4/27/14 5:10pm4/27/14 5:10pm

Explore 7 Realms of German Science Fiction

FrankN.Stein and I boldly ventured in an universe largely unknown to outsiders. Made in Hollywood titles dominate Germany's scifi scene. What about science fiction Made in Germany? Let's explore! Entry portals are disguised as websites, such as Das Science-Fiction Portal, and Deutsche Science Fiction »8/09/13 3:04pm8/09/13 3:04pm